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Young Actors Camp celebrated its final session in 2021, marking 25 years of serving young actors with passionate dreams of forging successful acting careers. Our unique programs brought together aspiring actors from around the world for insightful conversations with the most celebrated figures in the film and stage industries.

Hundreds of renowned actors, including Clint Eastwood, Zendaya, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Selena Gomez, were asked, 'What routines or practices contribute to your success?' Their simple answers—journaling, networking, research, and training—were followed by invaluable details about their comprehensive actions that led to life-changing results.

We've distilled the best insights from these conversations to create a comprehensive career kit for parents and young actors, providing a confident start on the path to a professional acting career. In a complex industry with unmatched competition, actors must stand out.

The Acting Career Accelerator Kit offers the foundation new actors need to confidently assess, launch, and grow successfully in the film and stage profession.

  • An orientation month of strategic assignments and tasks to guide new and inactive actors toward a progressive acting career
  • Reference pages of terminology for communicating with industry professionals.
  • Audition and call back planner pages that aids in a thorough preparation
  • Daily and weekly planner pages with empowering and actionable prompts that EVERY successful actor (with and WITHOUT representation) must do to establish and maintain forward momentum
  • Video Audition Instruction Guide for today’s technology-driven casting process.
  • A character-building worksheet with description references to learn thoughtful development work
  • Worksheets for deep research on the actor’s regional entertainment industry for a more effective pursuit of acting work.
  • A Vision Board guide to help actors visualize success and serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.
  • Social media development worksheet and posting pages to manage one of the most powerful tools to connect, build, and nurture industry relationships online
  • Finance, Networking, and Training journal and log pages.
  • A Monthly pause and reflect worksheet to dive deep into an array of angles to maintain a productive and inspired endeavor
  • A book and note log with a list of book categories actors should read to be savvy, well-rounded professionals.
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