The Dreamers Weekend

Actors arrive in Los Angeles as Dreamers and Leave with a Film Career Plan

The Dreamers Weekend

July 26th 2018 through July 29th 2018

For all acting levels - ages 14 to 25

Tuition $599 Includes: Room, board and most meals


The immersive four days pulls the mystery behind the journey to clarify what is involved to be a working film actor.

This jammed packed weekend on a top Los Angeles college campus is for young actors of ALL levels who are dreaming about becoming a successful actor in TV and Film. You begin paving a path of your own before you depart.

No matter which acting program you will train with, add THE DREAMERS WEEKEND to your summer itinerary.

Sample Schedule


1:00 PM Pick up service from LAX
3:00 PM Check-in Begins- Jump into an acting class
5:00 PM Check-in ends
5:00 PM Dinner and Welcome to Hollywood: Reception and Industry Q&A!
8:00 PM The Actors Escape Room- You better know your teen movies!


6:30 AM Breakfast and off to Hike the Hollywood Sign
9:00 AM Meet 5 Hollywood agents: What are they looking For? Learn invaluable information to keep you moving towards your dream
12:00 PM Tour/Lunch Hollywood and Highland- Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
3:00 PM Break on campus
5:00 PM Dinner with a famous actor. Discuss their journey
7:00 PM Talent Show


7:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Class: Occupations in Hollywood as it relates to actors
11:00 AM Class: Tools that actors must have to pursue the industry (resume, reels, headshots, etc.)
12:00 PM Lunch
12:30 PM Your headshot session- Receive a link to your photoshoot in just a few days
2:00 PM Class: How to Begin pursuit of professional acting work from your home town
4:00 PM Discussion: Let's address questions, hurdles and your goals!
5:00 PM Dinner
6:00 PM Guest Casting Director: Mock Interviews, auditioning advice and an open Q&A
8:00 PM Game and Goodbye Party: Get through the campus mazeā€¦. BUT DON'T GET CAPTURED


7:30 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Beginning through Advanced on-camera acting classes: Train and then review your performance on screen.
12:30 PM Lunch and Goodbyes!
*This schedule is subject to adjustments.

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